We know you love your dog and do everything you can to provide it with the best life possible. But your dog still has some issues that you’re not sure how to fix and you’re looking for some help. Does your dog:

Pull on the walk or constantly stop to sniff or pee on everything?
React to other dogs on leash by lunging, barking or growling?
Not come when called?
Still have accidents in the house?
Act nervous, fearful or anxious around certain noises, people or situations?
Have separation anxiety when home alone?
Dash through doors or gates or jump out of the car as soon you open the door?
Chew, dig or cause other damage to property?
Jump on people?
Beg for food while you’re eating?
Bark incessantly?
Steal food from your counters?
Show protective aggression over food, toys or other items?
Not socialize well with other dogs?
Chase the family cat?
Or exhibit any other disruptive, destructive and or disturbing behavior?

We can help.
dog training

If you are searching for a dog or puppy trainer in Los Angeles, you will find that our approach is practical, unique and highly effective. No matter what kind of behavioral problems your dog may have, we have the knowledge and experience to provide the appropriate solution. In fact, we even offer a risk free guarantee!

Behavioral issues are not solved by teaching a dog to perform behaviors or “tricks” for a reward. They are solved by improving the connection between you and your dog. We can help you transform your relationship to one based not just on love, but also on mutual respect. By helping you become the leader your dog needs, you and your dog will finally enjoy the harmonious, connected and consistent relationship you’ve always dreamed of.

dog trainerOur balanced dog training system provides real-world solutions to give you an amazingly well-balanced, well-behaved dog that is a pleasure to be around. So if you are ready to transform your connection with your dog, fill out our contact form (link) or call us today at (818) 538-8459. We are ready to help!